FARADAY BAGS: Your Shield Against Unwanted Access

Faraday Pro Bags block all incoming and outgoing EMF signals to protect your cellphones, tablets, Credit Cards, Electronic Keys and other elec­tronics from hacking, location tracking, and damage from EMF radiation.

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How It Works?

Why do you need the Faraday Bag?

Thieves can get your key fob singles from your home in seconds and take your car without you knowing!

Our faraday bag makes your cars safe by stopping signals being sent or received by your key fob or any other device containing data. Remove your key from the faraday bag, and signal reception is restored immediately, enabling normal usage.

A fraudster using a scanner can get your Credit Card info just by walking past you!

As contactless payment technology becomes more widespread, individuals use Faraday bags to protect their contactless payment cards from unauthorized transactions. This ensures financial security and prevents accidental charges.

Secure you privacy and your location

With a faraday bag no one can track your location or you. As Joe rogan said in his podcast if you want to disappear get yourself a faraday bag.

Protect yourself from EMF and radiation

The digital tools you rely on for work and leisure are compromise your health. Stop getting fried by EMF when not on your electronics.

Multilayer Protection

Effectively protect your Car key, Phone, Card and all other devices

Protect Your Valuables:
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High Quality Materials

Carbon Fiber Material

The outer layer is made of extra premium carbon fiber textured material, waterproof, and stylish.

High-Quality Velcro

Strong Velcro is seamlessly bonded, convenient and safe.

Double Military-Grade RF Shielding

The inner layer is made of double military-grade RF shielding cloth, the fully wrapped design offers stronger signal isolation.

Strong Chain Keyring & Hook

A sturdy hook provides you with an additional carrying scheme. You can hang your faraday bag on your waist or on your backpack for easy carrying. The inside key ring let taking the car key out easier.

Solid Stitching

The inner layer is made of extra carbon fiber textured material and doubles military-grade RF shielding cloth with precision stitching, the fully wrapped design offers stronger signal isolation. Block all signal types, RFID, SMS, WI-FI, Bluetooth, 5G, NFC, keyless car, key fob signals, etc. Protecting your car at all times.

Compact Size & Portable

Easy to carry. Accommodates multiple sizes of keychains and small devices. Includes 2 medium faraday bags in each package so that you can protect your spare key fob or multiple vehicles in your household.


  • RFID
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Car Key
  • Cell Phone

Protect Your Valuables:
Get a FaradayPro Bag Today!

Customer Reviews


I have ordered these Faraday Pro pouches (bags) twice—two different sizes. They work really well. I keep my spare car key fob stored in one pouch 24/7.

At night, I store my other car key fob in the second pouch so that someone on the street cannot use a code grabber device to pull RFID signals from my key fob in my house and steal my car. The medium size is large enough to hold a key fob and a Tile tracker attached to the key fob. I recommend these Faraday Pro pouches.

Eric S. Richert

Richmond, VA

Excellent Signal Blocking Capacity

Works just fine for my Ford key fob. Price justifies the 5 stars. I like the inside key chain and the outside clip. And it fits in my shirt pocket. Would buy again.

Luke M.

Dover, NH

It works !

It works real well, got in my car and forgot to take key out of protector case, tried to start my car and duh! Car would not start and had to think why, perhaps left key in house and then it dawned on me I had it in my purse in protective case. It works well Folks!!

Luke M.

Dover, NH

They work, look good, and can be attached to a lanyard

If I leave my key in the pouch the doors won’t open when I walk up to the car. It does a good job of blocking transmission. As a bonus, it protects the key when it’s in my pocket.

Luke M.

Dover, NH

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